Our brand story

SWEAR is a Swiss brand that was created in 2023. Through our 100% cotton clothing, we would like each of you to be represented, and that you feel comfortable wearing them. Our philosophy: to offer you quality clothing, which resembles you, which represents your identity without any judgment or apprehension.

Our Products

SWEAR clothing is made mainly from cotton. We place great importance on the quality and comfort that SWEAR jogging suits, sweatshirts and underwear will bring you. Plus, we offer a wide variety of sizes and colors so every woman can enjoy them. Our products are manufactured in Portugal under respectful and ethical working conditions.

Presentation of the designer

I love fashion and the customer/buyer relationship, which is why I wanted to create my own brand, above all for the human side. Clothes play an essential role in boosting self-confidence for many people. That's why, through my brand, I wanted to contribute to improving this self-confidence, by offering a diversity of models and sizes, and by innovating in my products. My brand is a faithful representation of my personality and thinking, embodying freedom and uniqueness.